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Ms Michelle Jackson Nursing Manager Primrose Retirement Home High Street Surrey Hills


Re: Mrs Marjorie Mellors, aged 77

Dear Ms Jackson,

I am writing regarding Mrs Mellors, who is being discharged today following treatment for injuries sustained in an RTA.

Mrs Mellors presented on 10/05/2019 with cuts and bruises to her legs as well as a fractured wrist, for which she underwent surgery. She has been prescribed naproxen (500mg), in addition to oral temazepam (10mg) to treat her ongoing sleep disturbance. She has also been provided with an antibacterial gel and shown how to apply it to the wounds on her legs twice a day.

She is moving to your facility on a permanent basis and will require your ongoing care. Although she is increasingly forgetful, Mrs Mellors has lived independently to date and has a son, Henry, who she sees regularly. Some assistance was required with her ADLS while in our care, which should be maintained upon arrival at Primrose to encourage independence.

It would be greatly appreciated if you could ensure that Mrs Mellors’ wrist wound is kept clean and dry and that she remains compliant with her prescribed medication. An appointment has been made on 15/05/2019 with a physiotherapist who will be seeing her 3 times per week at Primrose. Finally, she needs to attend the Outpatients Clinic on 20/05/2019 with a companion to have her stitches removed.

If you have any queries, please do not hesitate to contact me.

Yours sincerely.

Charge Nurse

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