Your preparation time is over. You can now start your role play. Don’t worry if I stop you when the time is up.

Good morning, I am Nurse Narso Andrew. Am I talking to patricia?


Yes, that’s right.

Wonderful, I will be attending you today. The doctor mentioned you’re heading to Southeast Asia for work next month.


Exactly, I’ll be visiting a few Southeast Asian countries for about three weeks. It’s my first time visiting that region, so I’m a bit excited. But I also wanted to make sure I’m properly prepared.

That’s a great idea. Travel can be an amazing experience, but it’s always important to prioritize your health and well-being. Patricia, Let’s start by discussing your travel plans and vaccination history. Additionally, we’d like to coordinate with you to schedule a vaccination appointment. Before we start do you have any specific concerns or preferences?


Not really, I just want to make sure I’m getting the right shots, and avoiding any potential health risks.

Absolutely, Vaccinations are crucial for a safe and healthy journey, and Patricia they act like invisible shields protecting you from potentially serious illnesses like typhoid, hepatitis A, and tetanus. Think of them as an investment in your health, minimizing risks, and unplanned medical expenses during your trip.


That makes sense. I wouldn’t want to get sick and ruin my entire trip..

Exactly, Now to recommend the most suitable vaccinations. Could you please provide some details about your trip?


Sure, Why not? I’ll be spending a few days in the capital cities, but also visiting some smaller villages in rural areas.

Great, And what about your vaccination history?


To be honest, I think I had childhood immunizations like tetanus. But I’m not sure about anything specific especially for travel.

Okay that’s helpful. Based on your trip details and vaccination history. Patricia, we recommend some free travel vaccines. I wanted to emphasize the importance of vaccinations for your health and safety. Tetanus in particular can be a serious concern. It’s recommended once every ten years, so ensuring you’re up to date is crucial. Additionally, I recommend considering a combined vaccination for hepatitis A and typhoid.

This not only provides comprehensive protection but also offers convenience. You can get a booster after six months to ensure sustained immunity. So Patricia, Would you be comfortable scheduling and appointments for your vaccinations? Few weeks before your departure?


Two weeks, that makes sense. I wouldn’t want to be dealing with side effects while I’m on the other side of the world.

Your thought is appreciable. The ideal scenario is to get vaccinated about two weeks before your trip. This allows enough time for your body to build optimal immunity, and manage any potential mild side effects like soreness or fever comfortably before you travel.


Absolutely, I’d rather be safe than sorry and it sounds like these vaccinations are essential for a healthy and enjoyable trip.

Wonderful, I’m glad we’re on the same page. I’ll go ahead and schedule your appointment now. Patricia, Would you like any additional information about travel, health or resources for your trip?


No, Not at this moment, It’s okay.

Alright Patricia, Before concluding, let me summarize what we have discussed so far. Patricia, We’ve covered essential aspects to ensure your health and safety during your upcoming trip to Southeast Asia. We began by understanding your travel plans and vaccination history, considering your visit to both capital cities and rural areas. We recommend Pre-Travel vaccines for comprehensive protection.


Okay nurse.

We emphasized the importance of vaccinations, highlighting the role they play as invisible shields against serious illnesses like typhoid, hepatitis A, and tetanus. Given your tetanus history, we recommend ensuring you’re up to date as it’s crucial, and advised once every ten years for added convenience and comprehensive coverage. We propose a combined vaccination for hepatitis A, and typhoid with a booster after six months.

Patricia, Scheduling this two weeks before your departure allows ample time for optimal immunity, and minimizes the chance of dealing with any potential side effects while you’re abroad. Your commitment to prioritizing your health and ensuring a safe, enjoyable trip is commendable here. If you have any more questions or concerns feel free to share. We’re here to support you in every step of this health journey.


Thank you, That is the end of your speaking role play. All the best.

Thank you for being here.

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