Your preparation time is over. You can now start your role play. Don’t worry If I stop you when the time is up.

Good afternoon My name is Narso Andrew, one of the nurses working in this clinic. How can I assist you today?


Hi Narso. I’m feeling a bit under the weather and I have an overseas family trip coming up next month. I thought I should check if I need a flu vaccination before traveling.

I’m sorry to hear you’re not feeling well. First could you please tell me your name and age for the documentation?


My name is Patricia and I am 40 years old.

Thank you Patricia. Let’s address your concerns. First of all, Could you please tell me more about your upcoming trip?


We are going to Europe for three weeks visiting both urban areas and some rural parts, too.

That sounds like an exciting trip. Patricia it’s important to consider getting a flu vaccination especially when traveling. Getting vaccinated against the flu is essential for several reasons. First, it helps prevent the spread of the flu to others, reducing the risk of you becoming a carrier of the virus. Second, it minimizes the risk of falling ill during your trip, potentially saving you from unexpected medical costs.

Lastly, by avoiding the flu, Your immune system remains strong making it better equipped to defend  off other infections you might encounter. In short, vaccination serves as a protective shield not only for your own health, but also for the well-being of those you come into contact with. And it can keep your finances secure by reducing the likelihood of costly medical expenses.

By the way Patricia, could you tell me about your vaccination history please?


Yes nurse, actually I had one this year and I didn’t have any side effects that I can recall.

Thank you for providing that information. It’s typically advised to receive a flu shot annually, because the flu virus can evolve. It’s great to hear that you’re keeping your vaccinations current. Furthermore, I’d like to emphasize the potential benefits of the booster dose. Boosters can significantly increase your antibody levels, which are crucial for your immune system’s defense. They also offer enhanced protection against emerging flu variants as the strains rapidly change further reducing the risk of severe illness.

Would you be willing to consider a booster shot?


Yes, If necessary I’m willing to get a booster, but when should I take the booster dose? Is it still effective if I get vaccinated now?

I understand your concern and you’re absolutely right to be conscious of the timing. Ideally it’s best to receive your vaccination at least two weeks before your international journey. This gives your immune system the optimal time it needs to build up strong protection. Additionally, by getting the vaccine in advance, you’ll be better prepared to manage any potential side effects ensuring a smoother, and more comfortable travel experience.


Thank you for explaining all of this to me. I want to protect my family, and enjoy our trip without worrying about getting sick.

That’s a wise choice well made patricia. Before concluding, let me summarize our discussion. It’s clear you’re getting ready for an exciting overseas family trip. The flu vaccination is essential, because it will protect you from spreading the flu. Reduce the risk of getting sick during your trip, and make your immune system stronger to fight off other infections. I see that you had a flu shot earlier this year with no side effects which is great.

To ensure you’re well protected, I recommend a booster shot to increase your antibody levels, and guard against new flu variants. Ideally it’s best to get the booster at least two weeks before your trip, which will allow your immune system to build strong protection, and also help you manage any potential side effects effectively. Does this all sound good to you?


Yes, that sounds good. Let’s go ahead with the booster.

Perfect, I will get the vaccine ready for you, if you have any more questions or concerns before your trip. Please don’t hesitate to reach out. We want to ensure you have a safe and enjoyable journey. Safe travels.


Sure I will nurse. That is the end of your old speaking role play. All the best.

Thank you.

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