Your preparation time is over. You can now start your role play. Don’t worry If I stop you when the time is up.

Good morning. My name is Narso Andrew. I’m one of the registered nurses working in this emergency department. How can I help you today?


Hi Narso. I was in a hurry and accidentally tore my right thumbnail. I’m experiencing excruciating pain and bleeding. I’m quite anxious and don’t know what to do.

I’m really sorry to hear that you’re in such distress. But be assured we’ll take care of you.


Okay nurse, Good to hear.

Could you kindly share your name and age with me?


My name is Patience Patricia and I’m 28 years of age.

Thank you patricia. Could you please explain what happened and how the injury occurred?


Certainly. I was meticulously working on the intricate art project using various sharp tools to create delicate designs. My full attention was on the canvas when in a moment of carelessness I accidentally ripped my thumbnail while adjusting one of the tools. A sharp jolt of pain and a closer inspection revealed that my thumb’s nail was torn.

I can only imagine how shocking and painful that must have been for you. Please try to stay calm. I will conduct a thorough examination and provide the necessary car. May I have your permission to examine the wound?


Oh sure you may Please.

Thank you for your cooperation. I’ve conducted a comprehensive examination and I want to assure you that there’s no need to worry. The situation is quite reassuring as there is no evidence of damage or tearing to the nail bed. The only concern right now is the appearance of the wound due to the missing nail. But apart from that there’s no cause for alarm.

The nail bed is currently in excellent health free from any cuts or damage.


That’s a relief. So what’s the next step?

First, let’s take care of those unattached nail remnants to prevent any risk of infection. I’ll handle that for you with care. Once that’s done we’ll make sure to thoroughly clean the area to minimize any potential complications. Your well-being is my priority and we’ll get through this together.


Nurse,   mind nails look normal again? Is there any permanent damage?

I can see that you’re understandably concerned about the regrowth of your nail. However, in your situation there’s truly no need for worry as your nail bed remains perfectly healthy. Typically, nails regenerate  completely over a period of 3 to 6 months growing at an average rate of around 0.13 inches per month. You can rest assured that your nail will regrow returning to its natural normal appearance.


That’s good to hear. Is there anything else I should do to take care of it?

Certainly Patricia ensuring the best conditions for healing is crucial to facilitate the healing process. Maintain the nail bed in a clean and dry state. You can gently apply a thin layer of petroleum jelly to keep the area moisturized which aids in the regeneration of your nail. Additionally, it’s advisable to cover the area with an adhesive bandage to provide protection against potential infections and any additional harm.

Patricia, your commitment to these steps will contribute significantly to a smooth and successful recovery.


Okay nurse I’ll do that. Is there anything I should watch out for?

Absolutely patricia. Vigilance is essential while you’re on the path to recovery. It’s vital to be aware of any potential signs of infection. Keep an eye out for any increased warmth, redness, persistent pain, tenderness or swelling around the nail area. These could be early indicators of an infection. In the event you’ll observe any of these symptoms it’s crucial to take swift action.

Seeking prompt medical attention is the safest course of action to ensure that any potential infection is addressed by a healthcare professional. Your well-being is paramount and timely intervention is the best approach. However, Patricia,  I’m confident that with proper care your injured nail should heal just fine.


Thank you so much Nurse . I appreciate your help and reassurance.

You’re very welcome Patricia. I’m here to help and I’m glad I could provide you with the information you need. If you have any more questions or concerns please don’t hesitate to ask. Take good care of your thumb and it should heal well.


Sure nurse I will. That is the end of your out speaking role Play. All the best.

Thank you Patricia.

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