Ray Sands OET writing sample Letter

Maternal Health Nurse

Woheo Maternal Health Center

Mount Bay


20 October 2023

Dear Nurse

Re: Ray Sands, aged 22 months

I am writing to discharge Ray Sands who is recovering from 2nd-degree burns to the right trunk and arm. She requires follow-up following her discharge today.

Ray was admitted to hospital on 14 October 2023 with burns after being accidentally scalded with hot water. Her condition was managed with usual analgesia, prophylactic antibiotic cover and Silvanzine dressings, which needs to be continued. IV fluids were also administered followed by oral fluids. 

Ray’s mother, Mrs Christine Sands, has recently separated from her husband, appears isolated and is suspected to have depression. 

In view of the above, Kindly take care of Ray and monitor her mother’s mental state. Mrs Sands would benefit from attending mother’s group or activities and child care center. Arranging an appointment with a financial counselor would be appreciated due to her financial difficulties following the separation.

If you have further queries, please do not hesitate to contact me.

Your faithfully,

Charge Nurse 

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