Your preparation time is over. You can now start your own speaking role play. Don’t worry if I stop you when the time is up.

Good afternoon Patricia. I am Narso Andrew, your attending nurse. How are you feeling today?


Good afternoon Narso I’m doing good. Thank you for asking.

Well Patricia, I am here to replace your cannula as it is not working. Nothing to be panic It is quite common and is due to tissuing. Afterwards, I’m here to do clinical observations.


All right, nurse.

Patricia, how you are feeling now?


Actually Nurse, I have got quite a lot of pain where the dressing is.

I’m sorry to hear that you feel pain. Other than that Are you feeling fatigued or Nauseous?


I just feel tired Nurse but not nauseous or anything else.

Thank you for your information Patricia. First of all, I would like to inform you that the pain you are suffering is normal. And I can reassure you that it is temporary and no need to worry.


Okay nurse.

Moreover, we have already administered pain relief medication for you but it requires some time for the full effect. In case your pain persists I will speak to the doctor about additional pain relief. I hope you understand my words.


Yes, I do. Actually, I think I probably need some extra pain relief. So it would be great if you could speak to the doctor.

All right. I will speak to the doctor.


Well Nurse, I thought the doctor would have been here to see me already to tell me how the operation went.

Yes you are right. The doctor is about to visit you Once you have been settled on the ward after the clinical observations. During his visit he will give details of the operation and discuss the recovery analysis.


Okay That’s fine then.

Patricia, your cannula needs to be replaced before the doctor’s visit. Currently your Cannula is not working due to tissuing. It is very important to continue the antibiotic treatment in order to prevent the infection and also to maintain your hydration status.


By the way, I really don’t understand why the camel has stopped working.

Your question is reasonable. The Cannula is not working because it has become tissued. For your better understanding I will explain it to you. The tissuing of Cannula generally means leakage of intravenous fluid into the surrounding tissue. This is caused due to several reasons. One of the reasons can be the accumulation of fluid resulting in the spill of fluid.

Another cause can be the patient moving around, causing the change in position of the cannula. The next reason can be due to the veins’ fragile nature. As a result of this issue, you are not receiving sufficient intravenous fluid. I think it is clear to you. May I know if you have any other concerns that need to be addressed?


Yes Nurse. The tissue wing of the cannula is quite understood. However, I would like to know why I can just be given tablets instead of having another cannula inserted. It will be more convenient, isn’t it?

Your thoughts are quite natural. I can explain why a cannula is essential in this condition. For that I would like to inform you of some of the advantages of delivering antibiotics via cannula. While using a cannula for antibiotics administration it is being directly injected into the bloodstream, whereas an oral tablet needs several processes to reach the bloodstream from where it carries to the different parts of the body.

That means the process requires less time than normal and is faster acting too. In addition it is more effective for infection control. Is it clear to you now?


Yes Nurse. I got it.

Patricia I would also like to notify you that your antibiotics are likely to change to oral medication form in a few days after you have made satisfactory progress. However, in the present scenario I.V. antibiotics are very essential to keep you safe.


Alright that’s fine then.

Thank you for your understanding patricia. Can I have your consent to replace the cannula and with the clinical observations?


Yes you may Please proceed.

Thank you for your consent. I will proceed further.


Sure, That is the end of your only speaking role play, all the very best.

Thank you.

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