Your preparation time is over. The role play will now last for about 5 minutes. Don’t worry if I stop you when the time is up. Can you start the role play, please?

Hello patricia. I see that you have pressed the buzzer. Is everything all right?


No nurse. I am feeling very uncomfortable. I have a lot of pain in my stomach and I feel bloated.

I’m sorry to hear that. When did the pain start?


About half an hour ago. It’s getting worse.

Don’t worry patricia. We are here to help you. Well I would like to know the symptoms you have.


Actually I have stomach pain and I don’t have any other symptoms.

Okay Have you passed any urine or gas since your surgery?


I haven’t.

Okay patricia. Let me check your vital signs and your wound dressing.


Okay nurse You may.

Please don’t worry patricia. This is a common complication after the laparotomy with an ileostomy.


But it is intolerable Nurse. Why can’t I go home and get some rest?

Your question is quite natural. Let me explain the reason for your hospitalization. You are being kept in the hospital for several reasons. First you need to be observed after your surgery to make sure you are stable and recovering well. We will monitor your vital signs, wound healing and bowel function. Second you need to manage any complications that may arise from your surgery such as infection, bleeding or illness.

We will treat you with antibiotics, fluids or other medications as needed. Third, you need to be discharged after you have a satisfactory recovery.


All right, nurse. What’s going to happen next?

Patricia Your treatment plan is based on your condition and needs. Here are some of the steps we will take to help you recover. We will check your fluid balance charts and blood test results to see if you need any fluids or electrolytes. This is to prevent dehydration, electrolyte imbalance or kidney damage. We will give you intravenous fluids or oral rehydration solutions as needed.

Following that we will offer you some ice chips or a sip of water to keep your mouth moist. This is because you are not allowed to eat or drink anything until your bowel function returns.


Okay nurse I got it.

We will give you pain medication as prescribed by your doctor. This is to relieve your pain and discomfort.  you can ask for more pain medication if you need it but do not exceed the recommended dose. We will consult with your doctor about your condition and treatment plan. The doctor will come and see you later today and discuss your progress and options with you.

The doctor may order more tests or procedures to find out the underlying cause of your pain or infection. The doctor may also suggest another surgery to fix the problem if it is serious. So Patricia, please be ready for the next stage of treatment if your condition continues. In the meantime please try to relax and rest. Do you have any questions or concerns about your treatment plan?


Nurse, will I be able to go home soon?

Don’t be  afraid . You need to stay here until your condition improves and you are able to eat and drink normally. If you leave the hospital too soon your condition may worsen and develop serious complications. I understand that you may be feeling anxious or worried about your condition but I want to reassure you that it is not uncommon or untreatable.

Many patients experience some degree of inflammation and infection after a laparotomy especially if they have a history of ulcerative colitis. However, with proper care and medication most patients recover well and have no long term complications. You are in good hands here and we will do everything we can to help you heal.


Nurse I understand you are following the protocol but I have been here for too long. Would you kindly see if I can go home?

I understand your concern but please don’t refuse the treatment without talking to your doctor first. The doctor will explain the benefits and risks of each option and help you make an informed decision. If you deny the treatment Your condition may worsen and lead to more complications. I hope you can see why it is important to follow your doctor’s advice and continue the treatment.

Patricia your health and well-being are our priority and we want you to recover fully and safely.


Thank you Nurse for your consideration.

You’re welcome Patricia. Is there anything else I can do for you at the moment?


No thank you. Just please come back soon.

Of course I will check on you regularly. Please inform me if you need anything else. Take care.


Thank you. That is the end of your OET speaking role play. All the best.

Thank you Patricia.

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